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Spurred and driven by pure passion,

I opted to join in a small local optical shop close to my home.

I just fell in love with optometry.

I could feel that happiness, that intense passion and satisfaction of serving my community,

giving them those rays of hope and love.

I never realized when that job turned into a passion,

and I just wanted to expand my business and take it to a whole new level.

For me, it was not just offering a new pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses,

the moment someone used to step into the store,they were being ushered into a whole new world

of innovation and creativity.

Finally, I took the leap to offer my community something better.

I started my new humble beginnings from eBay and Amazon.

My vast array and designs of sunglasses were greatly appreciated by everyone out there,

and the need to grow bigger and become an international seller spiked in me.

Pushing the heights for innovation!

Now, Framesinoptics and my professional and caring team serve clientele from over 100 countries.

Our eyeglasses are specially built to not only magnify and widen your view,

but how to also to keep you looking great and stunning in the process.

We’ve engrained creativity and innovation in our DNA, and we have built a reputation for service,

one that transcends beyond the mediocre,

one that aims to push and surpass the heights of innovation.

The smiles on the faces our clients after purchasing a pair from us, fuels us to do even better